The Adventure of Creativity (Episode of Creativity: Episode 6)

The Adventure of Creativity (Episode of Creativity: Episode 6)

One of the most exciting things with being a professional speaker is meeting other professional speakers.

This week I had the privilege to share the stage with Rob Lilwall – a speaker and adventurer who has embarked on expeditions by bicycle and on foot covering 80,000km of the world’s surface, through tundra, jungle, desert and war zone. National Geographic have made two TV series about his exploits, and he is the author of two books.

On just one of his adventures he was gone for three years – and for most of the time he was alone.

On his latest adventure he crossed the Desert of Death” – a 71 day expedition across China’s fearsome Taklamakan Desert.

When we met this week I asked him if he could share some insights about creativity from his perspective as an adventurer.

Rob said: “In the beginning, I often struggled when new problems came up, but the more experienced I became as an adventurer the more creative I became in finding solutions to the problems that arose – and the faster I would come up with these ideas.”

In his speeches Rob talks about Embracing Challenges, and in many ways that is what creativity is all about: To look at a challenge and approach it with a “How can we solve this?” instead of “Oh, oh a problem!”

Rob inspired me this week to embrace challenges and to quickly and creatively find solutions when obstacles arise.

Hope you had a creative week and may you have a creative weekend ahead!

Fredrik Haren.

PS. Read about Rob here:

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