The appreciation of creativity. (Episode 215)

The appreciation of creativity. (Episode 215)

Here is an insight into creativity that was triggered by two football-related events that I attended in the last few days: Creativity is one of the things we appreciate most in our heroes.

Event 1:

On Saturday night I had the privilege of being in the audience when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was celebrated for his amazing career in the Swedish National team. (He played 122 matches for Sweden and has the record for most goals scored.) My son was actually one of the boys carrying the flag at the event – big day for him.

Of all the goals Zlatan made, the one that they showed over and over that night – and the goal that inspired the tifo that the Swedish fans had created – was his famous, and amazing, bicycle kick against England from 30 meters away.

A beautiful goal, and a creative goal. You are not “expected” to do bicycle kicks from so far out.

Event 2:

Yesterday I was in Zurich for a speech and took the opportunity to visit the FIFA Museum with its celebration of great footballers.

The things highlighted around the biggest football stars are:

-skill (players who can do magic with the ball)

-character (players who never give up)

-passion (players passionate about their team, the game or the match)

-team work (players who do everything for their team)

AND (!)

-CREATIVITY – players who do unexpected things with the ball.

In football – and in life and business – we humans appreciate when people do something creative.

In other words, creativity has an inherent value.

That adds another benefit of creativity apart from it being the way we make things better for ourselves, and how it makes us happier and inspired.

How are you going to be creative today?

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