The Coolest Innovation I’ve Seen Since I Saw the Internet for the First Time. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 123)

The Coolest Innovation I’ve Seen Since I Saw the Internet for the First Time. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 123)


Some days you get blown away. I just was. Lived for days like that.


Nanoponics is a novel way to grow plants that drastically reduces the resources needed to feed humanity – it might be the coolest innovation I have seen since I saw the Internet for the first time. Perhaps even cooler.


Remember where you first heard about Nanoponics – the tiny innovation that could change the world in a gigantic way.


I just attended the first ever public launch of Nanoponics at the food-tech conference Big Meet organized by Johan Jörgensson.


So why is Nanoponics so amazing?


The “normal” way of farming – plants in soil – uses a lot of water and space. For example: growing tomatoes use 400 litres of water.


If you use aquaponics (growing plants with roots in water) you just need 70 liters of water for the same yield.


But here comes Nanoponics. Nanoponics means growing plants by nutrients being pushed into the cells of the roots by a gas!


And suddenly you only need 2,5 liters (!) of water – not 400 liters -, virtually zero electricity and just daylight!


Read that sentence again.


Soon you can have a refrigerator-sized box in your kitchen growing about 250 kg of produce per square meter in your home using very few resources.


Imagine how this could change how we get our food.


I had the privilege to have a conversation with the founders behind this innovation a humble and calm man by the name of Suchad Chiaranussati from Thailand and Robert Åkerblom, an equally humble Swede.


Suchad told me how he has a shopping container on his lawn at his home in Singapore where they have successfully grown more than 45 different plants in their system.

Growing food by pushing nutrients straight into the cells of the roots – now that is exciting!


When I saw the internet for the first time in the 1990s most people at the time did not see the potential for that new technology for many years yet, but people who did got super excited.


I feel around nanoponics just like I felt around hearing about the internet back then. Nanoponcis has not changed the world yet – but based on what I have seen – I am convinced it very soon, and in a very big way, will.


Ideas like this – and the people like Suchad Chiaranussati and Robert Åkerblom who make them happen – is what inspires me.


There are only a few times in our lives when we get to be present at the reveal of an innovation that has the potential to drastically improve the life of humanity.


At the food tech conference Big Meet I had the privilege of being at the launch of Nanoponics. That I will always remember.


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Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer

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