The Creatomino Effect. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 127)

The Creatomino Effect. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 127)

Let me introduce you to the “Creatomino Effect”.


For more than 10 years our family has had a rooftop deck on top of our house on our island. We had put an outdoor sofa there but we never really sat in it and never did anything with that area.


Then this summer I decided to buy a tent dome to put up on the other end.


Then we moved the outdoor sofa into it – making it much more comfortable to sit up there when we are not bothered by the winds.


Because we now spend more time up there I decided to get some flowers.


And then I tried putting a small table there, which got me to think about putting a bigger table there.


Then I realised a sun sail would be a good idea.


I also carried up to sun-loungers and that triggered me to get a colourful outdoor rug.


Finally, I put up a windbreaker to stop some more of the wind.


All because I decided to buy a dome.


Buying the dome was the “triggering idea” – the idea that triggered a lot of new ideas on how to make this area better – after 10 years of not doing anything with it.


The “Creatomino Effect” is the effect of how one idea creates a domino effect of triggering other ideas.


The difference between the regular domino effect and the Creatomino Effect is that in the former one thing leads to another. And in the latter one idea leads to more

ideas, while at the same time inspiring a creative mindset that enhances the creativity of the person.


I love when you get into a spirit of Creatomino, and my whole family is now enjoying how we improved our rooftop by a magnitude of 100 in just a few days, after not having done anything with that area for over a decade. The next time that happens to you, acknowledge it, take advantage of it and thrive on it.



Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

ps. And yes, I am writing this text sitting on the rooftop. It even inspired me to write this text.

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