The extremes of being The Creativity Explorer. (Episode 199)

The extremes of being The Creativity Explorer. (Episode 199)

Yesterday, I stayed in a suite at the Conrad in Dubai as I was there to deliver an opening keynote speech for IT security experts from the region.

Today, I did a pro-bono speech on Zoom from my home in Sweden for a class of Afghan girls attending a secret school. (I blacked out their faces on the screenshot as they could not risk being seen attending a class.)

The two worlds could hardly be further apart.

And that is why I LOVE being The Creativity Explorer!

Sweden and Afghanistan are on totally opposite sides of the Inglehart–Welzel cultural map of the world. UAE and Afghanistan are on totally opposite sides of richest countries on earth (UAE is #7 and Sweden is #20, Afghanistan is not even on the list of the 190 richest countries.)

It’s by exploring creativity from all sides of the human spectrum that I get to build a holistic picture of human creativity.

If you are looking for a speaker on creativity who has studied the subject from all kinds of perspectives, you know who to contact. 😉

ps. For the Afghan girls, I spoke about the need to have “imaginations” – a made up word that stands for the act of imagining what you need to do to achieve your dreams. (“Dream = I want to go to America”. An imagination: “How do I get to go to America”.)

People should not just “have dreams”, they should have “imaginations” where they are actively looking to solve the obstacles to their aspirations.

What is your “imaginations”?

Would love to know your thoughts. Do comment on LinkedIn.

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