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The Future Speaks Mandarin and Cantonese (The World of Creativity: Episode 8)

13 years ago I moved to China because I felt that China (and the rest of Asia) would transform to a creative hotspot. At the time many people in the west – literally! – laughed at me. Today I spoke for the employees of Adidas in Guangzhou, a super creative group with amazing energy. The city of Guangzhou is also like going to the future. High speed trains with business class seats like on an airline, toilets in the mall that are more advanced than anything you would see in for example Sweden, everyone paying everything with QR codes, rental services I have not seen anywhere else (like short term battery pack rental services in the conference hall), 30 minute delivery of goods to your doorstep, urban farming, and on and on and on. World class customer service, clean, friendly curious people.

But most impressive is the confident, positive, energy I feel every time I come back to China. It is something in the eyes of the young Chinese people that tell me that this is just the beginning.

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