The Graph of Missed Opportunities. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 146)

The Graph of Missed Opportunities. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 146)

A cautionary tale of missed opportunities.


In November I offered 100 university students one free coaching session while I was giving a speech for them.


It was my gift to them.


95% of the students applauded the gesture and seemed to value it.


All the students had to do was to send me a message on LinkedIn and I would offer them a slot.


23% of them did.


When they messaged me I, right away, wrote back and told them to suggest a day that would work for them in January.


5 of them did.


So just 5% of the students grasped the opportunity to get a 1500 USD coaching session for free.


100% of them were given the opportunity.
95% of them were excited about the opportunity
Just 23% acted on the opportunity
just 5% followed through on the opportunity.


I think this is a pretty normal spread for most opportunities.


Let’s call it “The Graph of Missed Opportunities”.


Lesson: Most people miss opportunities – not because they were not presented to them – but because they did not act or follow through on them.


Remember: “Missed opportunities are, actually, missed actions.”


I think this is very important to keep in mind when it comes to reflecting on why your best ideas or dreams do not materialize


As 2023 arrives, make sure to grasp more opportunities.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

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