The Inherent Power of Your Own Ideas.

The Inherent Power of Your Own Ideas.

Today my 5 year old daughter – who after multiple tries of trying to learn how to bike had yet not mastered it – came to me and said: “Papa, can we bike?”. I said “Of course!”

We went out on the lawn and in 5 minutes she had learned the art of riding a bike!

Then it hit me: This time it was HER idea, not mine.
All the previous times it was ME who said “Let’s go and try to learn how to bike.”

But today it was HER idea and she came to me and said “Can we bike?”

Lesson: When you do something because someone else had an idea we might do it great, with massive involvement, energy and gusto – but it will not be the same as when we decide to make one of our own ideas happen.

There seems to be an inherent energy that comes from making our own idea happen. Let’s use that extra energy – like a turbo button in a computer game – to push us further towards achieving our goals.

(I am curious: Have you ever felt that inherent energy giving you that extra power to reach your goal?)

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Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

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