The Outsider’s Insights Effect. The story of the Kebab Pizza in Sweden. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 116)

The Outsider’s Insights Effect. The story of the Kebab Pizza in Sweden. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 116)

I want to share a story about pizza.


Peter Lo is a Chinese man born in India who moved to Sweden and opened a restaurant.


Learning how Swedes loved pizza and kebab he invented the “curry kebab pizza”. It became a huge success and even got featured in the press as the perfect Swedish pizza! I learned about this story from Peter Lo’s son, Andy Lo, whom I met at a conference I spoke at a few days ago.


It is a simple and positive story, and I love it for two reasons:


1) It shows that sometimes it helps to look at something from the outside.


An outsider has insights that the insiders just cannot see.


Sometimes it can help to see new opportunities because you are not so close to the situation.


Where could you and your creativity be the outsider who sees what no one else sees?


2) It shows the value of changing cultures. Leaving one culture to stay in a new one is like a turbo booster button for creativity.


A story about a Chinese man from India moving to Sweden and learning about Italian and Turkish food and thinking that he could combine it makes me all giggly and happy.


As a Swede who has been living in Asia for 17 years, I am really looking forward to now moving back to Europe. I hope I have been gone long enough to look at Sweden —and Europe— with the eyes of an outsider and the heart of an insider.


Which new culture are you going to use to inspire your mind to think in new ways?




In 30 days I —and my family— are relocating to Sweden to spend at least 18 months there. We will live on my island outside Stockholm.


I will of course still fly back to Asia for speaking opportunities and I am really looking forward to speaking about —and learning about— creativity in Europe!


If you have any conferences happening in Europe where it would make sense to have The Creativity Explorer I invite you to reach out to me so we can explore the possibilities of how we could work together.


If you know of someone whom I should meet to interview about creativity, please connect us! I am always open to talking creativity with creative people 🙂


Stay curious and keep exploring the wonderful world of creativity!


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