When good ideas fade away (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 153)

When good ideas fade away (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 153)



Today, I am writing to you from Vemdalen in Sweden where I am on a skiing holiday with family and friends.


I wanted to reflect on when good ideas fade away.


You see, I used to work in Vemdalen and Åra many years ago. Then, the ski-locks (similar to the one in this picture) were very popular.


However, this time when I was in Vemdalen, no-one was using them!


People were not even using the ski-shelves that were set up to hold skis (the red ones in the picture).


Instead, everyone just left their skis on the ground, creating seas of skis.


Ski-shelves and ski-locks are good ideas. They make it easier to ski on the ground when the un-used skis are standing up instead of laying down.


People used to use them – but for some reason people stopped.


What is it that makes people stop using good ideas?


Do you have any other example of when good ideas faded away?


As always, would love to hear your thoughts. Post them on LinkedIn: When good ideas fade away.



Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer, this week more exploring the mountains on skis than creativity.


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