Working on becoming even more creative. (Episode 216)

Working on becoming even more creative. (Episode 216)

In the elevator to the training venue I was speaking at yesterday, it said “whole new level”.

The message resonated with me.

Because so many people compare their creative abilities to others – often to very creative people – and then draw the conclusion “I am not creative.”

That is so unfortunate.

Because one should not compare creativity to others. It’s not a competition.

Creativity is a process that makes us better, happier and more inspired.

You do not become happier by comparing your happiness to others. You become less happier doing that. You become happy by focusing on your happiness.

And you do not get more creative by comparing yourself to others.

What we should do is to be inspired by others!

And what we should do is to focus on what we can do to take our creativity to OUR next level.

Everyone can – and should – work on becoming even more creative.

Focus on that.

To paraphrase Sinéad O’Connor: “Nothing compares to your creativity.”

So stop comparing yourself creatively to others.

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