Creative Traffic Lights (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 142)

Creative Traffic Lights (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 142)

Look at old things in new ways.
This text was inspired by a recent visit to Tirana. Albania.
As I was exploring the city before my speech I noticed something different with the traffic lights.
Instead of a “human standing still” at the red light for pedestrians, there was a “t”.
Turns out that Tirana is the “European Youth Capital 2022” and Tirana went all in. They have had (and are having) a huge amount of events and that little “t-logo” is everywhere.
Even on traffic lights!
ps. Another interesting thing with the traffic lights in Tirana is that even the pole itself is lit up – making it even easier to see that it is red (or green). (And of course, they have the countdown clock, which is quite common in many countries, but that many countries still do not have.)
Everything can be re-thought, re-developed, and improved.
Even traffic lights.
Never think that just because something has been around for a long time that there is no room for improvement.
What old thing is it time for you to look at with fresh eyes?
Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer, just back from Tirana, Albania.
ps. Keep Exploring Your Creativity to Discover Your Full Creative Potential.

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