Idea Enjoyment. (Episode 200)

Idea Enjoyment. (Episode 200)

There is a special joy that comes from appreciating a good idea that you made happen. Let’s call that “Idea Enjoyment”.

That moment you step back from your painting and just look at it not as the painter but as the art lover.

That moment when you finish that task you set out to get done, but have put aside for so long and then you finally finish it.

When you see a crazy idea that only you believed in, get accepted.

The enjoyment of seeing creativity get done.

I am writing this to you from my island where I am sitting in my dome that I decided to build last year.



It’s the first time this year that I am back on the island and in the dome.


And I am sitting here with a big smile on my face enjoying not just the dome – but the satisfaction that comes from knowing that I had this crazy idea to build a dome on my island and that I set out to make it happen.

Today I am not thinking of new ideas that I will make happen.

I am just enjoying the fact that I made the idea of the dome happen a year ago.

What idea should you sit down and feel grateful for making happen in your life?


Today we are celebrating the 200th episode of the newsletter “The Creativity Explorer” in its current (*) form.

I want to take this opportunity to enjoy the moment that I decided to re-start the newsletter and the fact that I have now kept it going for 200 episodes.

Writing about creativity and sharing what I have learnt about the topic of creativity with you is one of the highlights of my working week.

It’s the very definition of being The Creativity Explorer.

Thank you for being part of it.

Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer

(*) I actually started the first edition of The Creativity Explorer (under a different name) way back in 2000, and kept it running for years, but for some reason I stopped for a few years when I lost my database due to an IT malfunction. Then a few years back I decided to start it again. So glad I did.

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