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Welcome to the “The World of Creativity blog”.

Under the banner of “The World of Creativity” global keynote speaker and author Fredrik Haren shares his insights from meeting with creative people around the world.

The research will result in a book (to be published in 2020) but Fredrik also shares much of the content generated here on “The World of Creativity Blog”.

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Creativity is inspired. A global mindset broadens your mind. Become more creative by being inspired by creative people from around the world.

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About the connection between sleep and creativity. Interview with Sarah Zallek, M.D. Physician Director of Strategy, Communication, and Education OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute Medical Director, Illinois Neurological Institute Sleep Centers Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria Medical Staff President, OSF Saint Francis Medical CenterFilmed in Peoria, Illinois,…

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About what we can learn about creativity from Holland. About “The Moment of Nothing” – the moment just before creation begins. Interview with sound artist and composer Sebastiaan Roestenburg of Linkedin profile:…/sebastiaan-roestenburg-81051112/… Instagram: This interview is part of the research for the upcoming book “The World of Creativity” where global keynote speaker Fredrik Haren travels…

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About what we can learn about creativity from Thailand. Sabai, Sabai. Take an Idea Nap! Such a positive message about how to approach the creative process. I just love the positive energy in this interview with Kay, a Thai paper artist. The interview with Kay is part of the reseach for my new book “The…

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This episode about how to use big data to make the life better for truck drivers in India. Recorded in Mumbai. Join author and global keynote speaker Fredrik Haren as he travels the world to learn and be inspired by creativity people from across the globe. For more about Fredrik see  

What happens when you think big ideas on a big scale? Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the closing keynote speaker at the Leading Edge conference in Mumbai organised by Outlook Business. Earlier in the day two ministers from the current Indian government had delivered their speeches. One of the ministers was Piyush Goyal…