About Getting Clients to Change (The World of Creativity: Episode 25)

About Getting Clients to Change (The World of Creativity: Episode 25)

A few days ago I had Julio Zuleta over to my house for dinner.

Julio is Director of Engineering for R&D at famous grill company Weber, and as such an expert on grilling. (He also has 7 (seven!) grills at home…)

Over dinner (yes we had BBQ) he told me that many customers of Weber grill with the cover open even though their grills have been designed to be used with the cover closed.

It’s because many people grew up grilling on a simple grill without cover and when they get a Weber they think the cover is just there to protect the grill when not in use. But it is actually there to enhance the cooking to keep the heat in.

What behaviour are your customers insisting on doing even when technically they should have changed their behaviour already? What can you do to nudge them to change?

And perhaps more uncomfortable for you to answer: What are YOU doing today that you really should not be doing anymore because the solutions available today makes it possible to get better result by doing something in a different way?

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