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I want to bring your attention to a project I am doing in April.

I call it #AiPRIL.

Every day of April is dedicated to learning something about AI and posting about it.

You can follow the little project on my LinkedIn page.

Today I posted a reflection: To paraphrase Tom Peters, who famously said: “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention,” let me today say:

“If you are not blown away, you’re not paying attention.”

The more I learn about Ai and its development right now, the more I am blown away. People complain about how Ai “can’t draw hands”, but instead of looking at what it can’t do (yet) let’s be amazed about what it can do. (And this is just imagine generation, the really mind-blowing things are being done where different AI models are starting to interact…)

Check out the two examples done by others on Midjourney. (And yes, of course the first image was also done “by” me with the prompt: “Hyper realistic photo of a storm cloud in the shape of a human brain. The cloud is over a stormy ocean and there is a lot of lightning.”



I have created more art in the last 4 days than I have in the last 4 years. And yes, it feels like I am creating art. And yes, these pictures that I am prompting are so much more beautiful than I ever thought I would be able to bring into reality by just using words and technology.

As I said: “If you are not blown away, you’re not paying attention.”


Would love to hear your thoughts – let’s connect on LinkedIn.


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