Be Inspired to Have New Ideas

Be Inspired to Have New Ideas


Are you looking for some inspiration for finding your Eden for your ideas?


Well, the 2022 Ideas Island season has begun and our first guest – filmmaker Wayne Roberts – just sent this testimonial and these pictures after spending a week on Ideas Island:


“A truly perfect and idyllic setting to work on one’s creative endeavors. The week in the Swedish archipelago was both inspiring and so too restorative, and went far and above my expectations. A profound thank you to Fredrik for generously sharing his picturesque base of Ideas Island, enabling artists to find stillness and peace.”


Just the kind of experience we hope to create for our Ideas Island guests.


2022 season is fully booked already, but there will be more chances to go to Ideas Island in the future.


Regardless if you get a chance to go or not, I hope Wayne’s message will resonate with you and inspire you to go find your own creative Eden where you can develop your best ideas.


Make it a creative summer!


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer and founder of Ideas Island.

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