Do you approach the future of your industry with a smile? (Episode 185)

A couple of days ago, I facilitated a workshop on the future of aviation for Aeromexico. Before my session, the client had invited a futurist, and during the break before the workshop, the participants got to play around with different VR tools—they even had “space-inspired” costumes, wigs, and glasses for people to dress up in.

I allowed myself to be drawn into the playfulness of the event and got dressed up as well.

Many industries are being disrupted right now, and I often hear people talk about the future as “disruptive”, “a threat”, “VUCA” (oh, how I hate that word), or “unknown”.

And while it is true that many of today’s companies will face difficulties when it comes to adapting to the demands of the future, I think the people and companies that will fare the best are the ones who look at the future with a smile, rather than a frown.


“Only the paranoid survive,” expressed Andy Grove many years ago.

But is that really true?

Perhaps it should be “Only the paranoid – and the positively, passionately curious – survive”?

How are you approaching your industry’s future?


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