Exploring the creativity of Europe

Exploring the creativity of Europe

Europe is the continent of explorers, the land of enlightenment, and the location where some of the biggest discoveries by mankind were made.

A diverse and culturally rich continent –and a continent that for the next 18 months will be my home.

Whom should I meet?
Whom should I Interview?
Where should I go?

I am reaching out to you to help me to connect with some of the most creative people in Europe, with the most innovative companies in Europe, with the most fun conferences in Europe.

I am already booked to speak in many European countries, from small countries like Montenegro and Lithuania to big ones like Germany, and the UK in the next couple of months, but I want to go to many more places. Especially to places I have not been to yet.

Europe is what I will explore next.

What will you explore?

And what innovation project are you pursuing?

And –as always– how are you inspiring your people to be creative? Perhaps we can work together to make them even more creative.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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