The spot under the arch of the rainbow (Episode 172)

This is inspired by a photo I took of my island a few days ago.


As I was approaching the island in my boat, a rainbow appeared that perfectly framed my island.



To me this photo is a reminder that we shall not chase the impossible dream.

Looking for the pot at the end of the rainbow is a reference to us looking for something that is very attractive that we will probably never achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, dreams are great. But spending too much time trying to achieve unachievable dreams is not.

Many years ago I dreamt of owning my own island. 24 years ago I made that dream come true. Now I am enjoying the pleasure that comes from once making that dream a reality.

I still have many dreams. But the older I get the more sure I become of two things:

1) We can only chase so many dreams, so we should be careful with which dreams we chase. Dreaming small is a shame, but dreaming too big is a waste.

2) A big part of a fulfilling life is about chasing dreams, but a bigger part of a fulfilling life is enjoying the current moment that your earlier dreams created for you.

The magic is not at some far away spot that we can never reach. Forget the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The magic is right here in the moment, And you got to this moment by having chased achievable dreams before.

Enjoy this moment under the arch of the rainbow.


Would love to hear your thoughts.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer




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